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When we think of KU Children Services we think of how you place a child’s physical, emotional and academic development at the centre of every facet of your organisation. You believe in strong partnerships between families and educators. You believe that early childhood is the most significant period of learning for children. As you celebrate 120 years of service to children, you will look back at how you have transformed. Yet, we know that sometimes things don’t change. Your passion, commitment and dedication to quality hasn’t changed. Here’s to another 120 years!

- Educational Experience

To all the teachers, educators, families and generations of KU children, Happy 120th Birthday. At 59 years young, we at Modern Teaching Aids are so proud to have shared nearly half your journey with you. Excellence is something to be marveled at, and there is no doubt this is achieved at KU Classrooms, Playgrounds and the boardroom every day. Congratulations team and hears to another 120 years of Excellence in Early Childhood and Preschool Education. From team MTA.


Navitas is delighted to celebrate and commemorate KU’s 120 Year milestone. As a partner in the delivery of the Adult Migrant English Program since 1998, we know the importance of KU’s commitment to quality and to investing in early education. Our clients, and their children, are strengthened in their community engagement and in securing strong futures through KU’s services. We value the supportive learning environment where we see our clients' children developing a wide range of skills, improving their English language and helping build confidence in making their way in the world.

- Navitas

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